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System/360 (Early Publications: 1964 - )

These PDF documents, starting from 1964, are those parts of the OS/360 “System Reference Library” (SRL) with enduring relevance and are also the earliest System/360 publications available on the web. Given IBM’s stubborn insistance on full upward compatibility, all facilities described here (most of which are still supported) continue to function as described, even on the most recent z/Architecture systems. Where applicable, these publications often present the essence of the topic while being much shorter and easier to digest.

[A22-6810 System Summary] 1

[A22-6821 Principles of Operation] 2 Details of System/360 and the Instruction Set

[A22-6822 System/360 Bibliography] 3 Guide to System/360 Publications

[C28-6534 OS/360 Introduction] 4

[C28-6535 Concepts and Facilities] 5

[C28-6644 Master Index] 6 Alphabetized list of keywords with manual references


[C20-1620 System/360 Pointers: Programming Techniques] 7 - Many examples in Assembler

[C20-1638 Data File Handbook] 8

[C20-1646 Introduction to Architecture, Instructions and Assembler Language] 9

[C20-1649 Introduction to Direct Access Storage] 10


[R23-2933 Introductory Programming, Book 1] 11 - Introduction

[R23-2950 Introductory Programming, Book 2] 12 - Program Control and Execution

[R23-2957 Introductory Programming, Book 3] 13 - Fixed Point Binary Operations

[R23-2958 Introductory Programming, Book 4] 14 - Branching, Logical and Decimal Operations

[R23-2959 Introductory Programming, Book 5] 15 - Input/Output Operations

[Introductory Programming: Student Workbook] 16

[System Facilities: Student Guide] 17


[C24-3337 Report Program Generator Specifications] 18

[C28-6514 Assembler Language Reference] 19

[C28-6515 FORTRAN IV Language Reference] 20

[C28-6516 COBOL Language Reference] 21

[C28-6571 PL/I Language Specifications] 22

[C28-6594 PL/I Programmer’s Guide] 23

[C20-1651 A Guide to PL/I for Commercial Programmers] 24

[C28-6808 Student Text - A PL/I Primer] 25

[C28-8201 PL/I Reference Manual] 26


[C28-6537 Data Management] 27 Data Formats and I/O Macros

[C28-6538 Linkage Editor and Loader ] 28

[C28-6539 Job Control Language] 29 Essential for “batch” program exection

[C28-6541 Control Program Services] 30

[C28-6543 Sort/Merge] 31

[C28-6550 System Programmer’s Guide] 32

[C28-6586 Utilities] 33

[C28-6628 System Control Blocks] 34

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