Getting started with oracle-apex


This section provides an overview of what oracle-apex is, and why a developer might want to use it.

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VersionProduct NameReleased
1.5HTML DB2004-01-01
1.6HTML DB2004-06-01
2.0HTML DB2005-01-01
2.1Application Express2006-01-01
2.2Application Express2006-06-01
3.0Application Express2007-01-01
3.0.1Application Express2007-07-01
3.1Application Express2008-03-01
3.2Application Express2009-01-01
4.0Application Express2010-06-01
4.1Application Express2011-08-01
4.1.1Application Express2012-02-01
4.2Application Express2012-10-01
4.2.1Application Express2012-12-01
4.2.2Application Express2013-04-01
4.2.3Application Express2013-09-01
4.2.4Application Express2013-12-01
4.2.5Application Express2014-04-01
4.2.6Application Express2014-09-01
5.0Application Express2015-04-01
5.0.1Application Express2015-07-01
5.0.2Application Express2015-10-01
5.0.3Application Express2015-12-01
5.0.4Application Express2016-07-01
5.1.0Application Express2016-12-01
5.1.1Application Express2017-03-01
5.1.2Application Express2017-06-28

Installation or Setup

When you install Oracle 11g or 12cR1, an older version of Apex is pre-installed. It is highly recommended to upgrade it to the latest version.

  1. Go to and download the latest version of Apex.

  2. Follow the documentation for the specific version to install it.

  3. Important Documentation Link for Recent Three Release

  4. Oracle Application Express Release 4.1

  5. Oracle Application Express Release 4.2

  6. Oracle Application Express Release 5

  7. Oracle Application Express Release 5.1

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Oracle Learning Library

Oracle Learning Library gives you idea about how to use oracle apex in Real world.

Site Built With Apex

Site Built With Apex which shows list of application built with Oracle application express.

Hello World application

Steps to create “Hello, World!” application in Oracle Application Express:

  1. Log in to your workspace.
  2. Click Application Builder. Application Builder page opens.
  3. Click Create. Page with 4 application types appears. Page contains short help text about each application type.
  4. Click Desktop. Page with some application properties appears. Choose:
    • Schema: default database schema for the application.
    • Name: the name of your application. By default it will be displayed in the page header on all pages.
    • Application: ID number, which have to be unique through all workspaces. By default APEX suggests next free number.
    • Theme and Theme Style: define appearance of application pages.
  5. Click Create Application. Application is ready to launch.
  6. Click Run Application. Login page of your application appears.

Created desktop application have two pages by default: login page and Home page. Home page have restricted asccess, to see it enter login and password for your APEX workspace.

Try for free

You can request free Oracle Application Express workspace on official site:

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